mercoledì 20 agosto 2008

Templum ex Obscurum

A few days ago Bettina Tizzy invited artists, photographers, friends to an interesting challenge. She said: "I challenge you, the photographers and Machinimators of Second Life, to show us what you see."

It happened that I went there and it happened that I shot some pics and it happened that Bettina selected one of them and published it on NPIRL blog.

Templum ex Obscurum is a fascinating place, I love walking through it while a magic atmosphere wraps me.

Baron Grayson is the creator of this dark and immersive world. have a look at it... it will be a fantastic experience.

To visit The Templum ex Obscurum click here

sabato 2 agosto 2008

Brooklyn is Watching Podcast 21: Sophysticated, yet horrifying.


This is the second time I've got the honour to have one of my pieces discussed on BIW podcast. Thank you very much to all :)

In Episode 21 features the triumphant return of Don Carroll, owner of Jack the Pelican Presents. Don, Boris, Jay and painter / art critic James Kalm discuss a variety of artwork on the sim spending a good deal of the time talking about the epic installation by Ichibot Nishi. We talk about some of the things that make some kenetic SL sculptures really interesting while others of them are… not so much. Jay says that a red-hot sculpture “leaves him cold” and Don reveals to the audience a reason why you may be glad this is an audio podcast…. or perhaps disappointed. As the saying goes there is no accounting for taste. Panel includes Boris Kizelshteyn, Don Carroll, Jay Van Buren and James Kalm. Artist discussed: Juria Yoshikawa, Shellina Winkler, Oxoc Ah, Dancoyote Antonelli, Snowy Hoobinoo, Alizarin Goldflake, Misprint Thursday, Gazira Babeli

you can download it directly here

ok it's quite long :) but very interesting....

if you're interested in the part talking about "SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT" go to 1.10