sabato 15 novembre 2008

The Aho Museum and NMC Campus Presents....

The Aho Museum and NMC Campus
Curated by Tayzia Abattoir
November 16, 2008

This exhibit opens at 11:30 a.m. SLT on Sunday, November the 16th and brings to you numerous works of art with a wide variety of unique Second Life art, including several one-of- a- kind pieces from various artists. The Museum is an amazing work of architectural art created by NMC’s CJ Carnot. When settings are turned to midnight, you will notice the subtle changes in hues on the building, and will be awestruck by the beauty and design.
This month three artists will be showcased on the second floor of the museum.

The featured artists include French artist, vroum Short as well as Italian artist’s Shellina Winkler and Solkide Auer.

click on the image to get the slurl

domenica 2 novembre 2008


Inaugurazione MOSTRA PERSONALE di Luce Laval
ore 21.00 Apertura della galleria

espongono un'opera: Solkide Auer, Shellina Winkler, MillaMilla Noel, Pixels Sideways


Un Grazie particolare all'amica Luce che mi ha invitata nella sua avventura personale :)

sabato 1 novembre 2008

Brooklyn is Watching: Podcast n.33 - What color is your Parachute? Is Clear a Color?

In Episode 33 Podcast regulars Jay and Bettina Tizzy of NPIRL are joined by podcast newcommer Tanith Catteneo, (VANESSA VANALSTYNE in RL) who is an MFA candiated from Huston and a very interesting and articulate SL art pontificator. We bring Bettina down by talking about death, we discover the term FLart. We try and fail to bring ichibot nishi into the conversation because, although you thought that i had no audio quality standards whatsoever, i do try to have standards. I mean if you think my microphone is bad…. damn. Ichibot get some batteries for that thing, man! This is a good conversation, i hope you all enjoy it. Panel includes: Jay Newt, Tanith Catteneo, Ichibot Nishi (via chat) Bettina Tizzy. Artists discussed: Dancoyote Antonelli, Nessuno Myoo, Misprint Thursday, Shellina Winkler, Selavy Oh

you can download it directly here