domenica 10 ottobre 2010

SnowCrash Exhibit at UTSA as part of the Imagine Festival

SnowCrash will open today, Sunday, October 10, at 3 pm SLT as part of the Imagine Festival (Midnight - European Time)

An amazing scene based on "SnowCrash" by Neal Stephenson's novel is the setting of the exhibit that will show artworks by:

Ariel Brearly
Artistide Despres
Bliss Violet
Bryn Oh
Eliza Wierwight
Glyph Graves
Igor Ballyhoo
Jedda Zenovka
Lilianna Clarity
Misprint Thursday
Rebeca Bashly
Sabrinaa Nightfire
Shellina Winkler
Sorror Nishi
Starlash Sweetwater
Ub Yifu

The exhibit will also have a 2-hour event during which Starlash will DJ for us.

I'd like to thank constructivIST Solo and the ArtSpace Group for the organization of the event and above all Igor Ballyhoo for inviting me to put my "Fragment of Mirrors" in his astonishing work!

....All this will happen HERE

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