mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

"Clin d'oeil" : shellina Winkler

A very special thank to Merlina and Newbab (Nathalie Gobè and Jean-Marc Larroque) for all the "first chances" they have given to me in these 2 years full of art since their first opening in January 2009 and for this retrospective they dedicated to me.

Merlina shows through her collection of snapshots a lovely journey through some exhibitions I took part in, while on another platform I show my very first two works made in June 2007 and two more recent works.

 "Vortici D'acqua" my first Primpainting, Crystal Ball, my very first sculpture, (June 2007)
City Lights (primpainting March 2010) and Fragment of a Mirror (installation September 2010)

The "Clin d'oeil" is @Omega Art Gallery (SLURL)

Going back to my first days in SL I found the making of..  Crystal Ball

and the very first huge making of Vortici d'acqua

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